Strawberry-Cucumber Refresher Kombucha

I haven’t yet spilled many details about what exactly I’m up to business-wise; that’s intentional- I only want to share once I know for sure if what I’ve done so far was a complete failure or a smashing success. My gut feeling is we (that is, my husband and I) are going to pull it off, but things have been a bit stressful. Stressful in a fun way (mostly). Our first product (so now you know it involves a physical product) is launching in just a few days and the next one just the week after that so we’ve been frantically trying to make sure we are as ready as we can be. It will be such an incredible feeling to stake my little claim in the eCommerce world and I can’t wait!

While we’ve been working I’ve had a constant supply of kombucha around. It’s such a decadent drink; the bubbles make you feel a bit like you’re drinking champagne. And if you’re drinking champagne or kombucha, you can’t be worrying (it’s science). I wanted to share with you my favorite kombucha flavor so that I don’t leave you hanging with my guide¬†on how to get started but no great recipes to finish it off. This recipe is the perfect summer drink; the cucumber and basil are so refreshing. If basil and turmeric are too weird for you in a drink, try mint instead.

Strawberry-Cucumber Refresher Kombucha


1 punnet strawberries, roughly chopped (I leave the stems on)

1 cucumber, sliced

1 T grated turmeric root

1 handful basil leaves

Note: you will need to puree or chop ingredients more finely if using a flip-top/grolsch bottle, as I often do.


  1. Add into secondary fermentation vessel

2. Add brewed kombucha (explained here) and seal vessel.

3. Burp each day to prevent container explosion and taste a small amount. Once the flavor is strong enough, it’s ready. Generally this takes at least 2 days and could take up to a week.

4. When the kombucha is ready, remove the added ingredients (using a colander, for example- I use a flour sifter!) and refrigerate, transferring to smaller containers if desired.


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