Eleven Legitimate Ideas to Start Making Extra Cash, Today!

The tricky thing about building a business, whether online or brick-and-mortar, is that they require time and money. What if you have a little time, but are lacking the funds? Don’t worry! You can easily pad your savings account without having to get out of your pajamas, invest “seed money”, or wait for years for a plan to pay off. These ideas won’t make you wealthy the way starting your own business could, but you may need to build up a little money as a safety net or to later invest in a business plan:

  1. Teach English

Do you have 60-90 minutes a day? Do you like talking to cute kids? Do you speak English fluently? Teach English to Chinese children one-on-one via Skype with VIPKID! You don’t even have to prepare the lesson plans yourself and if you’ve got children, once you put them to bed the kids in China will be waking up! You must have a bachelor’s degree and sign a 6-month contract, but otherwise you just need a good internet connection!

2. Sell your skills on Fiverr

Five dollars may not seem like a lot to earn for a freelance job, but if you have a skill you can do quickly, this could be lucrative! If you’re bilingual, you can translate 500 words for $5 and that will only take you a minute or two…imagine how much you could make in a few hours each evening (assuming you can build up to getting that much work)! If you can work with photoshop, you can remove the background or do a quick edit for some extra cash each time. You also have the opportunity to sell a higher quality job to customers for more money, so get working and this could become a steady income stream! Everyone has something they can sell.

3. Become a part-time Telemarketer

A quick search in my city returned numerous results for telemarketers from home. It’s not only a way to earn extra cash, but can provide priceless skills in sales! Yes, you have to annoy people, but you’ll be getting rejected remotely and it will make it easier to get rejected once you have a business of your own and it’s your project at stake!

4. Be a Virtual Assistant

Are you internet-savvy and driven? Do you want to work from home? Help clients to achieve their goals by becoming a VA! You will have the added bonus of working with entrepreneurs first-hand and getting a look at what their lives are like, and it could turn into a networking opportunity for later!

5. Sell your Stuff

Do you have the itch to do a clean out? You’d be surprised how much you could earn by listing stuff you no longer need on Ebay! Do you have more clothes than you need? List them on Poshmark and you could get a huge percentage of what you paid for them.

6. Data Entry

Searching my area for data entry positions turned up a ton of results. If you are a quick typist you can make a good income with no special skill or education requirements, and all from home!

7. Make Lesson Plans

If you’ve got expertise in any area or experience with education you can create lesson plans and post them for teachers to use! If your lesson plans are well done, each one you create could continue generating income passively!

8. Start a Daycare

If you love kids and have got some of your own, why not have a few more in the house? Good childcare is always in demand and your kids will love having new friends around! Try advertising in neighborhood social media groups to gauge the interest.

9. Tutor Online

If you are knowledgable in any subject from math to history, you can find a kid who needs your help and the beauty of the internet is you’re sure to find someone who can work with the hours you’re available!

10. Freelance on Upwork

Are you a master photoshopper? Can you build an app? Are you good with Excel? Do you love to write? There are so many opportunities you can sell to people in need, and once you’ve gotten a good reputation you could even make a full-time business out of this (from home)!

11. Amazon Mechanical Turk

These are a collection of tiny tasks (such as transcribing what’s in an image) with tiny payouts for doing them, but I’ve heard of people earning an extra $500 a month just by squeezing them in here and there! You could do them while you’re watching TV! Every little bit adds up!

As you can see, none of these jobs require any money upfront and can quickly pad your pockets! As they say, you have to have money to make money, although the good news is you don’t need to be rich. If a little bit of extra cash is what you’re after, don’t overthink it and just go after it! If you’ve got a more flexible schedule (for example, your kids are in school), there are plenty of odd jobs you can do outside the home with no experience, like cleaning houses, walking dogs, or mowing lawns!

These may not be the business you want to end up with but they’re a great place to begin and put some momentum toward you achieving your dreams! I wish you all the success in the world!


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