3 Ways to Move From Dreaming to Doing

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

-Chinese proverb

Did you know only 5% of people who sign up for self-help training (this includes everything from house flipping classes to social media management courses) actually use the material? I’m sure you can imagine why, because we’ve all been there. I know I’ve sure been there. It is uncomfortable to make changes, and no matter how your life is going right now and how far from your goals you might be, the known feels pretty darned cozy. As an example, reading success stories about people who learned to code and now find themselves developing websites full-time while we envision ourselves doing the same and researching all the different courses one can take is not scary. It’s warm and fuzzy. Deciding to start devoting all one’s evenings and weekends to learning to code, sticking with it even when you realize JavaScript is a LOT more complicated than HTML, and putting yourself out there to potential clients…that’s a lot less comfortable!

In order to move from dreaming to doing, you need to get some forward momentum going. Here are some ways you can get some REAL change going, not researching, not writing up business plans, but a genuine step forward. They are all centered around the principle that action begins action, or in other words, that a little bit of momentum is all you need to bolster your confidence and get you flying toward your dreams!

  1. Declutter your life

I know what you’re thinking. “Kelin, that’s completely unrelated to my hopes and dreams. I’m not starting an organizing business.” Well, hear me out. If you haven’t read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, then listen to the audiobook, borrow it from a friend or library, just do whatever it takes to get it in your life. The title is not an overstatement. To clear up your surroundings is to clear up your mind and to signal to the universe that you mean business. After I did a thorough downsize of our possessions I felt like I could conquer the world, and suddenly I felt so much closer to my life’s purpose. I know, I sound totally crazy, but if you haven’t tried it then do, and see how much clearer your life and your thoughts become without the clutter. I am almost certain you will feel empowered to take positive action and know just which actions to take afterward.

2. Determine the Shortest Path to your First Customer

Don’t make your primary concern your business cards, your slogan, drafting your business plan, or anything that doesn’t actually get you a customer or client. If you don’t have a customer, then you don’t have a business, so imagine what the shortest path would be and then take it. It doesn’t mean taking shortcuts, but rather cutting out all the things you may use to allow yourself to stay in your comfort zone, or worse, get overwhelmed before you even get started. This is why I decided to go with Amazon: I knew I could get started almost immediately and tidy up the details (like product description) as I went. If you already have a skill you want to market, make a call or ten and see if you can book your first client. If you want to sell on Etsy, make your first batch and stick it on there. Of course I’m not suggesting that you are intentionally sloppy, but rather that you focus on what’s the most important and avoiding looking busy without actually making progress.

3. Cross Something Big off the To-Do List

This is related to the point above, but when you figure out what’s absolutely necessary to start your business, write the necessities down and conquer something today that you were sure you’re not ready to do. Order samples. Write the outline of your book. Publish your first blog post (believe me, I still feel like I’m not ready!).

I wish you all the success in the world and hope you will take action, because the world needs what you have to offer. You will learn far more from doing than any amount of research could teach you. You’ve got this!

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