About Me

How I Became the Ambitious Housewife

I never saw myself becoming a mother, and if you’d told me at 20 I would be a stay-at-home-mom at 30 I would have laughed at you and told you that you clearly didn’t know me. I wanted to travel the world and stay single!

Fast forward a few years…I did indeed travel the world. I moved to Norway and one fateful day at a work party I locked eyes with a handsome Frenchman across the room. I knew he was going to make it really hard to stick to my plan; we spent the whole night talking and the connection was undeniable. We spent every moment we could together after that (which wasn’t always easy as we were both working on oil rigs in the North Sea, and he moved to Scotland shortly thereafter) and before I knew it we were married and I was carrying his first child.

When our eldest was born, I knew immediately that going back to a traditional job and being separated from her would be misery. My maternity leave ended and the job I was going back to didn’t work out, so I went back to school but did all my coursework online while she slept. Eventually I finished my Masters (with a second little sweetie at this point) and I soon realized that going back to work and leaving my babies with someone else was just not something I wanted. Why should I help build someone else’s dream and sacrifice the precious time I have with the loves of my life? There had to be a better way!

My goal with this blog is to show parents, especially mothers, that you don’t have to choose. You can do the mommy thing full-time and still fulfill your dreams. I want to show you how I’m doing it and help you avoid any mistakes I’ve made along the way. Also, anytime I read a blog and see that there is a recipe section I can’t help but click, so I will share many of my kitchen pursuits as well as I am always trying something new or perfecting old favorites!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am rooting for your success!