Selling on Amazon: Case Study

Post #1: Introduction

Post #2: Find a Product

Post #3: First 3 Weeks Update

Post #4: Creating Your Brand

Post #5: Ordering Samples and Choosing a Supplier

Post #6: First 6 Weeks Update

Want to try Private Labeling on Amazon? I’m doing it, using the abundance of information available online and my own trial-and-error. I will walk you through each step of the process of getting my product online and selling so you can try it for yourself! I’ll also update on the progress I’m making as I go along. There are plenty of relevant courses out there that go for thousands of dollars, but hopefully you can learn from the information I’ll compile here for free, and I’d love to learn from your experience as well!

If you’re new to Private Labeling, it’s when you take an existing product (different in this case from one you design and patent), find a supplier, modify it until it fits your criteria (improves on previous designs) and put your brand on it! You can then send it directly to the Amazon warehouse, where it will be available for customers to order from the Amazon website (and available for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping)! This differs from wholesaling (where you order a large quantity of a branded product, like Kleenex, from a supplier at a discounted price) and retail arbitrage (where you buy discounted products from stores and sell them under that product’s own brand), two other common business models on Amazon.

Sound intriguing? Great! Follow along and I will update this page weekly with a systematic guide to Amazon selling, from choosing a product to marketing it. I will show you many creative ways I’ve found to minimize expenses along the way!