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Who I Made this Site for

(Grammar nerds: pretend that didn’t end in a preposition)

This website is for people who want to live unconventionally. Parents who want to be their own bosses and start a business while their kids are sleeping. Mothers who don’t want to choose between having all the flexibility of being with their children full-time and fulfilling their dreams.¬†Ambitious women who love their families fiercely and never give up on their dreams.

If I could write a series of letters to my 25-year-old self, this would be it.

I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don’t make the same ones. My online business is a work-in-progress so I will be updating more and more with tutorials and lessons learned as I go along. I scour the internet and libraries for information and will condense the most important stuff for you, for free!

I also take challenging recipes and make them foolproof. Why pay $2/piece for macarons when you can take what I’ve learned from years of practice on my own and under a pastry chef to make your own? I hope to encourage people to go outside their comfort zone, have fun, and spend less money in the grocery store!

Speaking of going outside comfort zones- I will cover a range of topics related to personal growth and lessons learned. Everything from learning to code to finding the perfect sunscreen, all in one place!

If you want to know how I became the “Ambitious Housewife”, read my story here.